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The Origin of Combo

In our world, training is one of the constants that we refuse to compromise on, so for a long time we knew there was something we wanted to create that personifies, not only how we see fitness, but a more profound philosophy: that you aren’t entitled to strength, you earn it

It’s not about how much you lift in the gym, how hard you hit, or how fast you run, it’s about your resilience and fortitude to move forward in life. Everyone has struggled through something in that has needed; focus, determination and strength to overcome it. Some small, some big but the same principles apply to all accomplishments which as a brand, we strive for. 

Boxing is for those who understand the most important thing we can work towards as an athlete, and in life, is balance. The dedication you make in boxing is just as much physical strength as it is mental.  Combo boxing was created for everyone who identifies with rising to whatever challenge is in front of them - in the gym, and in life. Whether it be a grueling workout or an uncomfortable conversation at work or with a loved one - focus, determination and strength will help get you through it. 

We want you to be inspired by our clothing, and by everything our brand stands for, so you can go out there and earn your strength.

- Louis + TJ Steyn, Combo Boxing Founders