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In our world, training is a constant without compromise. My brother and I always knew we wanted to create something that represents this feeling—beyond health and fitness—made more profound as a philosophy: You aren’t entitled to strength, you earn it. It’s not about how much you can lift, how hard you can punch, or how fast you move your feet. Rather, it’s the resilience and fortitude with which you move forward in life.

We were born in Africa and realized early on that our abilities were grounded in how we chose to think. Unfortunately for some, that was the only thing that could be controlled.  We take our health seriously and make a conscious decision to wake up each morning and rise to the challenge of our lives. And we have created clothing for those who actively make that decision every day.

Boxing is for the individual who understands that the goal, as an athlete and as a human being, is to balance your strengths. In boxing, you dedicate yourself to speed, power, accuracy, endurance, agility, resilience, and focus. In that way you expand the boundaries of your wheelhouse until they disappear.

Combo Boxing is designed to serve the no-nonsense and authenticity of a boxer’s life as well as the needs and desires of today’s modern athlete.

The journey of becoming a fighter is how you feel before, during, and after the gym, and we want Combo Boxing to relate to every part of that experience. It has style, it has swagger, and it showcases quality and substance over the hype. 

- Louis Steyn & TJ Steyn